Our Team

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a witness for Christ among the poor and homeless, server their needs, and advocate their cause to the community at large.

Our Core Values

  • Everyone gets respect
  • Bring your best everyday
  • There is no box!
  • Stay faithful to God

Management Staff

Board of Directors

  • Tony Fulton
  • Al Riskowski
  • Cyndi Lamm
  • Patrick Timmer
  • Mark Rouse
  • Ron Grebe
  • Rita Griess
  • Joni Cover
  • Scott Miller
  • Robb Linafelter
  • Joe Bolubasz
  • Bill Misko
  • Tom Barber

Foundation Board

  • Patrick Timmer
  • Greg Osborn
  • Ken Doty
  • Matt Scheef
  • Doug Emery
  • Tom Gifford
  • Brad Slaughter
  • Brock Shelton
  • Ted Theiman


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Our Services
Programs & Services for the Homeless