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Community Narratives: Jack

By admin | Uncategorized | February 9, 2017

Back in July, Jack was checked into a hospital. His sister took her life two years ago, and that combined with his alcoholism created an unsafe situation for him to be alone. After going through in-patient treatment, the next best step was to check in at our Curtis Center to get back on his feet.

Jack has now been here for five months. He’s been a great fit, using his 30 years of heating and air experience to help out the maintenance staff. His eyes light up when he talks about his job. It’s clear that he knows his talents, and he’s very proud of it. He hopes to eventually get hired on full time. It’s a job that makes him feel like he’s giving back, and he enjoys the company of everyone he works with.

Life has been full of ups and downs for Jack, causing his kids to lose touch. Recently, though, one of his sons added him on Facebook. They’ve been chatting and reconnecting after not communicating for five years. He’s optimistic that their relationship can regrow into what it once was. It seems that no matter what happens, his kids are willing to give him another chance, showing the true strength of family.

Jack also reconnected with an old high school girlfriend after not talking for 32 years, and they hit it off without missing a beat. She’s moving to Florida soon, and it just so happened that Jack was thinking about doing the same to be near his nephew. All the cards are falling into place, and whether he gets hired on at the mission or moves down to Florida, Jack has options, and life is finally looking up.


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