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Toss Boxes

Our Toss Boxes are a convenient way for you to donate clothing and shoes, in ANY condition, to help people right here in Lincoln.

Haulers Helping Homeless


We are so excited to launch our newest recycling program, and are so thankful for all of the Lincoln Garbage Haulers who have signed on to help raise funds for the homeless & impoverished in Lincoln  -AND- keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills!

This is an ongoing program, and we know big things are going to happen through this program!

Participating Lincoln Garbage Haulers:

  • Alley-Cat Disposal Services
  • American Refuse
  • Capital City Refuse
  • D & D Refuse
  • Dave & Mike Will Refuse
  • Erickson Refuse
  • Harms Refuse
  • Houser Refuse
  • Havlock Refuse
  • Huenink Refuse
  • Industrial Services
  • Johns & Sons Refuse
  • Knaub & Son
  • Kurtzer & Sons
  • Kurtzer Brothers Refuse
  • L&W Garbage Service
  • Lancaster Refuse
  • Neemann Refuse
  • Niederhaus Refuse
  • Palmer & Sons
  • Paragon Sanitation
  • S & P Refuse
  • Sullivan Refuse
  • Uribe
  • Von Busch
  • Zajicek Refuse

How it Works:

Gather your clothing, wearable items and textiles and put them in a garbage bag. (These items can by in ANY condition.)

  • Clothes
  • Belts
  • Purses & bags
  • Shoes
  • Coats
  • Blankets
  • Bedding
  • Towels

Place a ‘Haulers Helping Homeless’ tag on each bag of items to recycle. (The tags can be found at any Russ’s Market, Hy-Vee and SuperSaver in Lincoln.)

Put your marked bags out on the curb the same day as your garbage pick-up. (Make sure the tags are visible and are set apart from your garbage. Please note, these bags may or many not be picked up by the same garbage truck that picks up your garbage, so please leave the bags out for the day.)


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