Planned Giving

Estate Planning Options

There are many options to support People’s City Mission in your estate planning.

You can place PCM in your will, make a gift of stocks, retirement funds or real estate, or participate in a gift annuity. Your gift will be a living legacy of your compassion and concern for the homeless and impoverished.

Ways to Give

GIFTS OF STOCKS & BONDS: Gifts of or from publicly funded securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are tax deductible equal to their market value and can help you avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation. If the stock has appreciated over the years, you receive a double benefit, an immediate charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities donated and exemption from any capital gains tax on the appreciation. The fair market value of contributed securities can reduce your adjusted gross income up to 30 percent. And, donations can be spread over several years to achieve the maximum tax deduction.

GIFTS OF REAL ESTATE: Gifts of real estate often include primary homes, vacation homes, apartment buildings, farms, and land. As with other types of gifts, gifts of real estate can be given immediately or you may choose to retain them for life and then donate the property as part of a bequest.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS: A charitable remainder trust is an estate-planning device through which property is placed in a trust for a charitable organization. The person who set up the trust (a grantor or settlor) will receive income payments throughout his or her life, and then, when he or she dies, the charity will receive the property within the trust.


Annuity Trusts: You establish the annual payment amount at the creation of the trust, with payments remaining fixed for the life of the trust

Unitrusts: You establish the payment percentage at the creation of the trust, with payments varying each year based on the value of the trusts assets each year on the annual valuation date, typically January 1.

There are significant tax advantages to using a charitable remainder trust. Highly appreciated property, such as real estate or a stock portfolio can be donated to a charity for the life of the grantor. The income from the stock portfolio continues to go to the grantor, which is reported to the IRS as taxable income. The donation, however, is tax-deductible.

Charitable Bequests: Charitable bequests are gifts made from your estate, after your death, as a result of provisions in your will. Bequests enable you to preserve assets during your life and make gifts only after you have adequately provided for loved ones and yourself.

There are a number of bequest options that you can include in your will or living trust to help you instruct your family and friends on what to do with the assets that you have accumulated in this life.


Residuary Bequest: Give a ____% or all of the “rest, residuary and remainder” of your estate to People’s City Mission after taking care of all other gifts, taxes and other specific gifts.

Outright Bequests: Give a specific amount, asset or estate percentage to People’s City Mission.

Contingent Bequest: Plan just in case. For example: “Should I outlive my spouse or partner, $____ or ____% of my residual estate goes to People’s City Mission.”

Living Trusts: Include a gift to People’s City Mission in your living trust.

Retirement Fund Gift: Consider naming People’s City Mission as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), company retirement or profit sharing plan. If you are making any charitable bequest, it is better to make such gifts first from retirement plans to the extent practical.

Insurance: Consider naming People’s City Mission as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Through a bequest to People’s City Mission, you can provide help and hope to countless people for years to come.

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