Free Medical Clinic: Our Volunteers

We are an all-volunteer clinic with an incredible team of hundreds of volunteers. We also have an extensive network of medical schools who’s students gain an incredible hands-on experience during a rotation at our Free Medical Clinic.

Volunteers and students make these vital services available and we are always looking for those who want to give their time.

Free Medical Clinic Volunteer Applications

The first step in volunteering at People’s City Mission’s Free Medical Clinic is to fill out these Volunteer Applications.

Clinic Volunteer Application      CLINIC DHHS Release of Information Form

Standard Clinic Hours

The Free Medical Clinic is open five days a week (closed on major holidays). Please work with our Clinic Volunteer Coordinator to schedule your volunteer hours.

MONDAY: 1pm – 7pm
TUESDAY: 8am – 4pm
WEDNESDAY: 8am – 5pm
THURSDAY: 8am – 5pm
FRIDAY: 8am – 4pm

Clinic Volunteer Coordinator:  Deb McVeigh,

Medical Professionals

Doctors, Dentists and Related Medical Volunteers: Medical Staff (MD & DO), Dentists (DDS), and related Medical Volunteers (LPT, PA, ARNP & DPM) need a current unrestricted license for their specialty. Each Volunteer in these specialties must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Provides patient care and documentation in patient charts consistent with their specialty.
  • Evaluates prescription drug requirements of patients, if needed, and coordinate with in-house pharmacy and the Prescription Drug Assistance Program as necessary to ensure correct drugs are being ordered for both short and long term patient needs.

Nurse Volunteers: Nurse volunteers (RN & LPN) need current unrestricted nursing license. Nurse Volunteers must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Makes intake assessment of patient’s illness, allergies, medications, etc
  • Takes vitals of patient and records data on patient’s chart.
  • Assist physicians and patients as needed.
  • Collects completed patient files and verifies entries are complete and correct.
  • Assists with files and organizing supplies when time permits.

Pharmacist Volunteers: All Pharmacists (PharmD & RPH) need a current unrestricted license. Pharmacist Volunteers must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Dispenses drugs to patients who have prescriptions from CHFC doctors.
  • Registered pharmacists oversee pharmacist students who work in the pharmacy.
  • Provides advice and information to doctors, nurses and other volunteers at CHFC.
  • Coordinates with the Clinic Executive Director and the Drug Assistance Coordinator to get pharmaceutical samples, determine shortages, locate supplies, etc.

Dental Hygienists Volunteers: Dental Hygienist Volunteers need a current unrestricted license. Each Volunteer must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Performs tasks as approved for their specialty.
  • Provides documentation of patient care.

Dental Assistant Volunteers:

  • Coordinates all phases of dental treatment.
  • Maintains dental appointment schedules and patient records.
  • Performs duties as directed by lead dentists.

Eye Clinic Volunteers: Ophthalmologists (MD) and Optometrists (OD) need a current unrestricted license for their specialty. Each Volunteer in these specialties must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Provides patient care and documentation in patient charts consistent with their specialty.

Mental Heath Counselor Volunteers: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other Licensed Mental Health Workers need a current unrestricted license. Each Volunteer must be approved by the Clinic Credentials Committee.

  • Provides patient care and documentation in patient charts consistent with their specialty.

Medical Translator Volunteers: Certified Medical Translators and/or Bi-lingual medical service providers are needed.

Support Staff

Receptionist Volunteer: The Receptionist’s primary duty is to answer the telephones. Secondary duties include coordination with dental patients and the dental clinic coordinator. Other duties for the Receptionist will be assigned by the Clinic Manager.

Patient Greeter Volunteers: First clinic volunteer to greet patients. Needs to have positive attitude toward patients. The Patient Greeter is the primary communication link around the reception area. Controls patient sign-in sheets for the medical clinics. Remains at the front desk as long as patients are being registered. May do various clerical duties for special clinics or on slow days including pulling patient files, filing completed patient files and restocking clerical forms & supplies.

Data Entry Clerk Volunteers: Interviews both new and return patients for medical record information. Using a computer makes the data entries or data corrections in the patient data base of the Clinic Management System. Prints the patient’s Assessment form for the appropriate clinic. May do other clerical duties if patient registering is slow, e.g. retrieving patient files, filing completed files and restocking clerical forms & supplies.

Community Resource Volunteers: Community Resource Volunteers need a current license for their specialty. Provides patient evaluation, counseling and referrals as appropriate for patient situations. Coordinates with other functions in the clinic regarding necessary medical care as needed.

Prayer Partner Volunteers: Pray with patients who request prayers. Pray for the Clinic, PCM, staff, and the people served.

General Clinic Volunteers: There is a need for many behind the scene volunteers. These tasks vary and are defined and assigned by the Clinic Manager. They include the following general areas: Stock clerical, medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Collect data and statistics for monthly and quarterly reports. Print forms, reports and other documents for various meetings or public relation uses. File patient charts. Miscellaneous housekeeping tasks.

Computer Data System Support (IT) Volunteers: Determines ongoing requirements for hardware and software programs for Clinic Data System. Monitors system performance. Provides support when problems or failures occur. Ensures that system data is backed up periodically. Provides training as necessary for system users. Maintains documentation for system and clinic.

Student Volunteers

Students may volunteer as part of a class, as a clinical experience, or as support staff.

Malpractice Insurance

Federal Tort Claims Act Coverage of Free Clinic Volunteer Health Care Professionals

Congress enacted FTCA medical malpractice protection for volunteer free clinic health care professionals through Section 194 of HIPAA (Public Law 104-191) by amending Section 224 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act (42 U.S.C§ 233). If a volunteer health care professional meets all the requirements of the Program, the related free clinic can sponsor him/her to be “deemed” PHS employee for the purpose of FTCA medical malpractice coverage. FTCA deemed status provides the volunteer health care professionals with immunity from medical malpractice lawsuits resulting from his/her subsequent performance of medical, surgical, dental, or related functions within the scope of his/her works at the free clinic. Claimants alleging acts of medical malpractice by the deemed volunteer health care professional must file their claims against the United Stated according to FTCA requirements. The payment of claims will be subject to an annual FTCA deeming application on behalf of their volunteer free clinic health care professionals to the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care (HRSA, BPHC) that administers the Program.


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