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Success Stories: Jordan and Aaron

By admin | Uncategorized | February 15, 2017


Jordan and Aaron stayed at the Mission for around three weeks with their dad when they were 11 and 15. As kids, it was a scary situation, but going there to get warm meals, clothes, and a safe space was life-changing for them.

Fast forward to present day, and the brothers are both on very successful tracks. According to Jordan, it was the kindness and dedication shown by those who volunteered at the Mission so many years ago that played such a vital role in their future. Aaron is currently a senior at UNL studying microbiology. He’s interested in the research side of medicine because developing cures gives back to the community. Even as a kid, he could recognize that he had a passion for people after seeing sick homeless people at the Mission. Jordan just graduated from UNL and plans on going to med school, and he currently volunteers at our free medical clinic.

Around two years ago, a man froze to death in Lincoln, and it pushed the brothers to think about how they can prevent exposure deaths. They started gathering as much winter clothing as they could from anyone they could reach. There was an immense outpouring of support, blossoming into an annual coat drive.


Jordan and Aaron plan on continuing their winter drive and have some ideas for a summer backpack drive. Their story shows that the kindness and help given by our community can truly allow the impoverished to thrive. There is always hope, even from the lowest of places.


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