Last October, Breanna became another statistic of domestic violence. She had been married for almost three years and was trying to make the most of an increasingly abusive situation. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. She finally had to leave home and sought the Mission as a place of refuge.

Breanna is a 23 year-old single mom struggling to support a beautiful nine-month old baby girl. She only has a high school education and limited work skills. She constantly wonders what will become of them.

Did you know that 80 to 100 women and children are staying with us tonight, due in large part to abusive partners?  And they are not alone. One in four women across the United States suffer from domestic violence. In Lincoln, that represents over 30,000 women. If you include children, the number is even higher. Make no mistake, abusive behavior is a serious problem in our community.

Please pray for Breanna and other women like her struggling with the pain and difficulty of an abusive relationship. Also, remember their children. I believe they suffer most of all from the horrific effects of violent behavior.

Just know, the Mission is committed to helping solve this problem. We try to make staying at the Mission a positive and life changing experience. It starts by letting these victims know others care deeply about their situation. We assure them this crisis is not their fault. And, that God loves them and will help them as they move forward.

You can be part of the solution to domestic violence. How about volunteering your time to come along side and help these women and children get back on their feet again? Or perhaps you can assist us financially by covering some of the cost of their stay with us? Any support is a difference maker and helps turn the tide!

Thanks for your kindness and partnership with us. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many hurting people!!

God bless,
Pastor Tom Barber