As you got ready for school or work this morning, how long did it take you to find a pair of socks?
A clean, matching pair without holes? Was it something you even had to think about?

For many of us, it isn’t.

We grab a folded pair out of the sock drawer (or rummage for a lookalike), throw them on, slide into our shoes, and head out the door.

When you’re homeless, that kind of thing becomes a luxury.
And it is a luxury many of our guests just don’t have.
Socks are consistently one of the most needed items at People’s City Mission.

The first Sock Drive, held 6 years ago, garnered 1,000 pair of socks.
2017’s Sock Drive raised 8,000 pair, and we gave out every last pair in just 3 short months.

Often, when our guests come to take shelter with us, they come with nothing but the clothes on their back.
Socks at that point are more than just a piece of an outfit, but an important part of staying healthy.

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