Tim served in Vietnam, settling down afterward in a small Nebraska town. Unfortunately, his house burned down in an electrical fire while he was out tending to corn. His love for the property was evident by how he described the place, and it must have been devastating to lose something he put such hard work into.

He then went on to stay in Omaha with his son, who eventually had to report to the military, leaving Tim alone. Tim had no idea that a place like the Mission existed, especially for veterans. There’s a lot of homeless vets across the country that get neglected in their time of need and cannot cope alone. Tim was very excited to have a room, hot water and a place to do laundry. He thinks it’s a great opportunity for people to have the responsibility of paying a small rent to be able to show up to a job or an interview clean and prepared to get back on their feet.

Tim is still in very close touch with his three children and grandchildren. His long-term plan is to buy a place in Lincoln with one of his daughters to help her out with her kids. Her husband is currently on military tour until the end of 2018.

Tim does a lot of volunteer work, especially with the Mission’s Connect Church. He said he’s always willing to step up because of how appreciative he is for the opportunity to stay here. We’re also very grateful to have met a guy like Tim. He’s a wonderful guest, and we’re more than happy to have him as a part of our community.