Connect Church is a unique church for the homeless, among the homeless. The Connect Church vision is to provide an entry point for those who do not attend church and may not consider themselves Christians.

Connect Church is a transitional church. As often as possible, it is our goal to introduce people to the faith and connect them to local churches where they can grow as followers of Jesus for years to come.

What To Expect

CASUAL ATMOSPHERE: Connect Church meets around the same tables where we eat our meals. Dress casual. Grab a cup of coffee and a donut. Get to know your homeless neighbor.

ROCKIN’ MUSIC: Connect Church has a full band formed from People’s City Mission guests and staff members. It features guitars, keys, drums, and bass guitar. We sing songs that build faith in the midst of difficult circumstances.

A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM GOD’S WORD: Every Sunday, we ask the questions, “What does Scripture say?” and “How does it apply to my life?” We love to give away Bibles to those who do not already have one of their own.

We invite you to join us any Sunday morning!

SERVICE TIMES: Sunday, 9:30 am

LOCATION: PCM EDEFY Building (110 Q Street, Lincoln, NE 68508)

OUR STAFF: Brian Thomas, Pastor

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas


Brian and his wife are the parents of four children. Between working at the Mission and parenting at home, Brian basically never stops moving. (If Brian were an animal, he’d be a squirrel – small, active, and quite fond of trees.)

He thinks of his work, which includes teaching from Scripture, praying with people and offering pastoral counseling, playing music, and singing, as providing spiritual experiences and resources to empower Mission guests and staff to move forward in their lives. And most Sundays Pastor Brian can be found wearing his purple converse, preaching at PCM’s Connect Church.

When he’s not working or parenting, Brian can be found running or cycling playing his guitar, or planning his next mountain hike.

Great music, smart films, and Nelson Mandela inspire Brian. He believes that one person really can make a difference in the world.


110 Q Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
P: 402-475-1303


401 North 2nd Street
Lincoln, NE 68505
P: 402-817-0980


6800 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
P: 402-475-6888