Darren is one of the single dads staying with us at the Mission. Not too long ago, his son’s mom called Darren to plead with him to come to Lincoln to take care of their son, who had been having some behavioral problems. Their son is very close to his grandpa in Lincoln, and Darren didn’t want to take him away from that relationship. So, he left his home in another state to be here for his boy.

“I didn’t have a daddy growing up, and I didn’t want him to grow up that way. When I was a kid, I looked around for men to be role models. Some of them weren’t good men, and I knew I didn’t want to be that way.”

Darren and his son are living in the Family Shelter, in an area set aside for single dads and their kids. He has a job working in the kitchen at the Mission, and is on track to getting his own place. His desire for his son is for him to go to college and grow up to be a good man himself.

Not too far from where Darren is staying, you can find Family Shelter Supervisor Jonathan. Many of our guests look to Jonathan as the healthy father figure they never had. “I try to be a neutral presence for women and children. At least 75% of our guests come from an abusive background. They need to be able to slowly gain trust back, as most abusers are men. I want to be a calming presence.”

“At the Mission, we want to treat everyone with respect, love them, support them, giving them the tools they need to lead healthy lives. A lot of them haven’t been supported and loved before they came here. This is the bottom for most people who are here. We show them they are valued and worth it.”

We are so thankful for men like Jonathan and Darren. When you support PCM, you help men like Darren to raise their kids well. You also help so many others who need examples of good men in their lives. But none of this happens without your prayers and vital financial support. Would you to consider making a donation to us? Also, would you consider volunteering some of your time and becoming a mentor to one of our kids? It could make an important difference in their life and yours!

God bless you richly, and to dads everywhere –
Happy Father’s Day!

Pastor Tom