June 1 Update:

WHAT. A. DAY! Yesterday’s Give 2 Lincoln Day was record-setting on many levels.
Lincoln showed up and gave big: $4,613,411.73 donated in 24 hours.

And big love was given to People’s City Mission, too: $100,405.00. Our biggest year ever! THANK YOU!

We are blessed and appreciative and overwhelmed at your generosity. Most of all, we are excited. We hope you know how much your support means. We can’t do any of what we do without you.


May 24, 2018:

When Lincoln Comes Together, BIG Things Happen

For 24 hours, on Give to Lincoln Day, every donation given to local nonprofits is made bigger by matching funds.
It is one big, very special day when everyone in Lincoln is asked to make a donation showing their support for the organizations that contribute so much to our great city.

Gifts Given on May 31 Make a BIG Impact

Every donation given makes a bigger impact because nonprofits also get a proportional share of a $400,000 challenge match fund provided by Lincoln Community Foundation and their sponsors.

For example, if a nonprofit received 1% of the total donations raised during Give to Lincoln Day, they will get an additional $4,000 from the challenge match fund.

For People’s City Mission, that’s a huge difference maker.

Go to GiveToLincoln.com and Give BIG

On May 31st, gifts can be made to participating nonprofits online at GiveToLincoln.com from 12am to 11:59pm, or in person at one of our donation stations (find one at GiveToLincoln.com/about).

Minimum donation is $10.

Donations can be given online in advance, starting May 1. Gifts made between May 1 and May 31 will be counted in the dollars raised on Give to Lincoln Day and qualify for matching funds.
Go to the website to see dollars raised in real time.

BIG Purpose, Big Love

Give to Lincoln Day’s purpose is to raise awareness of current philanthropic needs and opportunities in our community.
All nonprofits recognized as 501(c)(3) public charities, which have an office in and serve the people of Lincoln/Lancaster County, are welcome to participate by registering at GiveToLincoln.com. Houses of worship and their foundations are excluded from participating.
Give to Lincoln Day efforts are designed to help increase public awareness of local nonprofits, build their capacity and inspire donors to support the causes they love.