Randy has a gruff voice and a wicked sweet tooth. He likes to make people laugh. He has a servant’s heart and is very creative in the kitchen. Randy is also the Food Services Manager at People’s City Mission. He runs a tight ship and is responsible for making and serving up some incredibly delicious meals. About 700 a day, but who’s counting.

Now Randy used to be on the other side of the counter. He was one of the many homeless men who stayed at the Mission. Years of alcohol abuse led to years of homelessness, living on the streets, and asking for handouts. Finally, Randy had enough. He toughed it out through rehab and has worked hard to get to where he is today.

The reasons why people experience homelessness are as varied as each individual. For Randy, it started in childhood and escalated from there. He started drinking at age 8. He began outpatient treatment at 11 and didn’t get sober until he was 45. His journey eventually brought him through the People’s City Mission’s Curtis Center. He graduated from that program while working in the kitchen. He has been in charge of the kitchen since 2013.

“No one can do it on their own, and no one will make it without admitting their need for help. My job is an opportunity to help people who are in the situation I was in — and could, still could, be in tomorrow,” says Randy.

Randy is such an inspiration to so many here at the Mission, and he serves from a place of understanding and grace. If you’d like to read more of his story, check out this article from when he first became our Food Services Manager in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Just know when you support People’s City Mission, you are helping folks like Randy find a safe place to land, a safe place to heal and be restored onto a path of independence and a fulfilling life. To help us through Give To Lincoln, go here for more information: Give To Lincoln for PCM

Blessings, Pastor Tom

YES, we are accepting donations at the Help Center and Toss Boxes. We are helping more families than ever, and your donations of food, clothing and other items are greatly appreciated!
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