PCM’s Help Center Opens at 68th & O

Monday, October 2nd, the new Help Center at 68th and O opens and will replace both Homeless Prevention Center and Recycling Center locations.

Although doors for shopping are not yet open, donations can now be taken directly to Help Center at 68th & O.

We’ve had a great 10 years at the 26th & O HPC, but knew there was room for improvement.
At the HPC:
Mission guests and clients had limited time (12 minutes each shopping trip) to search for what they’ve needed.
Shopping was done in less than 4,000-square-feet of space.
Finding a parking space to drop off donations sometimes felt like a life-size game of Tetris.

PCM’s Help Center will be like the Homeless Prevention Center, only bigger and better.

Bigger: Rather than 4,000-square-feet, we’ll have over 30,000 for donating, recycling, and shopping at the Help Center.

Better: Our guests and clients will have essentially unlimited shopping time to access more shoes and clothing options, household goods, and food. And Lincoln’s incredible donors will have access to the donation drop-off site in the rear. This location has a dock for convenient drop-off and ample space to get in and out.

All of that means more high-quality donations will be given to Lincoln’s homeless and impoverished.

In addition to Lincoln’s incredible donors dropping off goods directly at Help Center, PCM has over 20 Toss Boxes for convenient clothing/textile donation drop-off. We then sort the Toss Box donations into wearable and recyclable categories.

Under the new and improved program, collecting and bailing of recyclable material will be done in one spot. By having it in one location, the logistics are better. The entire process from collection to shopping to recycling will be quicker,” said Pastor Tom Barber, CEO of People’s City Mission.

PCM’s Help Center is dedicated to making much-needed items available at no charge to those who need it most.
We could not make this happen without your enormous support. Thank you!

We are eager for you to see the new space!


YES, we are accepting donations at the Help Center and Toss Boxes. We are helping more families than ever, and your in-kind donation of food, clothing, household items, toys, and furniture is greatly appreciated!
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