Talk about a success story.

Joe is a Gulf War vet.

After a breakup with his girlfriend, Joe spent time living with various friends. When that came to an end, Joe came to stay with us at the Mission. He relapsed with alcohol and went into an Intensive Outpatient Program for five months.

Joe continued his recovery through PCM’s Curtis Center program. He took his healing seriously. He completed his volunteer hours, consistently met with PCM’s counselor, and gained employment at People’s City Mission’s Help Center. He liked his job: he was responsible for sorting and organizing donations with his forklift skills. It’s a busy job. More than the work, he truly enjoyed spending days with his coworkers.

Joe eventually moved into Victory Park Apartments, a complex specifically for vets, where he’d meet with Jana at Veteran’s Affairs once a month. “She checks in to make sure everyone’s doing OK.”

It wasn’t too long after he moved in that Jana approached Joe about a job opportunity. She told him about an opening at the VA, and that she’d already recommended him.

“I wasn’t looking [for a new job]. Everybody is great here.” But Joe met with the VA. He nailed the interview and was offered the job, which he accepted.

Joe was homeless.
He’s now a VA employee.
And he still attends AA meetings and aftercare.

We are thankful the Curtis Center was able to play a small part in Joe’s recovery and success.

“It’s a good program. It’s been a blessing.”

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With your donation, we’re able to help more people like Joe.

And there are so many who need the help.

Thank you for loving our guests so well.