The National Weather Service is predicting another potentially hazardous winter storm coming our way.
Flash Freezing will occur. Any water on roadways/walkways will quickly turn to ice as temperatures plummet.
People on the streets exposed to the rain will chill quickly as wind chills fall to the single digits by 6am Thursday.
Wind gusts are expected at 25-35mph.

We prepare the best we can for the worst conditions.

If you see anyone staying on the streets, please encourage them to come in to PCM.
If they can’t get to the Mission on their own, please call us @ 402.475.1303 with their location.
We can pick ’em up.

On an average day/night, the Mission provides shelter and three meals a day for 350 men, women, and children.
With the latest round of bone-chilling record-breaking low temperatures, we housed 425 guests – an all-time high at People’s City Mission.

We’re ready to do it again.