“Give a little, change a lot.”

“One meal. One person. Once a month.”


We say a lot of things that revolve around the concept that you don’t have to do something epic to make a serious difference.
Because that’s what we believe.And Ruby does, too. She’s a prime example of it, in fact.
Here she is with her little brother and sister.  Their dad brought them to Lincoln from Gothenburg, Nebraska. (It’s a 189 mile trip, one-way.)
When Ruby was 8 and visiting relatives in Omaha, she saw the homeless panhandling, and it bothered her.
Now 10, she decided to do something.
She made her own sign, and sat and collected donations for the homeless.
Ruby raised more than $700.00!She went to our website and chose items to buy off of our ‘current needs’ list.

Look what one child from a small Nebraska community can do to impact the lives of HUNDREDS of homeless!

Ruby, we are proud to know you. You have a big heart, girl.

Tomorrow, May 31st, is Give 2 Lincoln Day. Every donation on G2LD makes a bigger impact because nonprofits also get a proportional share of a $400,000 match fund made possible by Lincoln Community Foundation and generous sponsors.

With your donation, we’re able to help more of Lincoln’s most in-need.