Erin is the Mission’s graphic designer. She loves that she can expand her design skills and help people simultaneously.

In her free time, Erin is constantly curating second-hand items. It all started when she decided that, if she wanted something for her house, she was going to earn it. She would sell what she already had to save money for the new item. She soon realized that she could sell her old or thrifted pieces to flip a more of a profit that she initially thought.

At this point, Erin thrifts more out of excitement than necessity. She enjoys finding the value in things that other’s don’t see.

“Even if I had a ton of money to buy new things, I would still want to thrift.”

When Erin started working for the Mission, she knew that she could donate in a unique way. She started an Etsy shop that sells her found pieces, with some items’ proceeds being entirely given to the Mission. If you visit her page, the item descriptions will specify if the profit is being donated. So, if you’d like to help homelessness and add some flair to your home, she’s got you covered.

It’s so inspiring to see Erin using her talents and passions to help others. We are constantly surprised by the creative ways people give back to our community, and we are very thankful to have Erin on our team.