The out-pouring of support from the community has been so confirming in our vision to see final resting place for the homeless become a reality. The Memorial Garden will be a place that is dedicate to remembering the homeless who have died in Lincoln, placing their names on the Wall and if also desired, scattering their ashes there.

We are continuing to fundraise, finalize plans, and determine the next steps for our Memorial Garden at the Mission. Throughout last fall, our (very talented) maintenance team worked hard digging dirt and making the wall become a reality.

Because of your support, we have been able to:

  • Remove dirt, and level out the ground behind the Curtis Center
  • Pour a concrete wall and sidewalk
  • Stain the concrete wall (Ralph Heine generously donated his time and supplies to make this happen)
  • Plant grass for the garden.

To complete this project, we hope to add:

  • Signage to designate and honor
  • A fence and gate to protect the area
  • Trees, bushes and flowers
  • Benches and stepping stones

We are thrilled to be working alongside some amazing community partners to help finalize the plans for this project. We can’t being to know the impact this garden will have among those who are homeless, but we do know the interest in creating a space to remember has only increased among our guests.

If you want to learn more about getting involved or donate to the Memorial Garden fund, contact Pastor Brian Thomas at 402.475.1303 or

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