This Saturday, March 3rd, you’re invited to PCM’s Only251 Movie at The Grand.

For only $2.51 a ticket, you’re not only seeing The Boss Baby, but you’re also buying a meal for one homeless person at the Mission!
If you haven’t seen The Boss Baby, you’re in for a treat. It is a delightful movie for kids and adults alike.

“Seven-year-old Tim Templeton (voice of Miles Bakshi) has an active imagination. He has all the love in the world from his parents Ted and Janice (voices of Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow), who play with him in all of his adventures. Ted and Janice work at PuppyCo. As Tim’s adult self (voice of Tobey Maguire) narrates, things became different when Tim’s parents asked him how he would feel about having a little brother. Young Tim tells them he is enough, unaware that his mother is pregnant.

Tim’s time as an only child comes to an end when he sees The Boss Baby (voice of Alec Baldwin), strutting up to the front door with his briefcase. From the moment he enters the house, Boss Baby begins to command the household. Ted and Janice are so busy trying to please Boss Baby that Tim starts to feel shut out. However, Tim seems to be the only one that finds something suspicious about Boss Baby, with his suit and briefcase standing out.

Tim sneaks into Boss Baby’s room that night and hears him speaking with the voice of a grown man on the phone. He appears to be conspiring with someone until Tim catches him and forces Boss Baby to admit that he can talk. Although Tim thinks he’s got something on him, Boss Baby is unfazed and pulls out a file on Tim, stating he knows things like how Tim’s middle name is Leslie. Boss Baby warns Tim that if he doesn’t shape up, his parents can “fire” him.

Tim sets out to prove that Boss Baby is up to no good, but Boss Baby has an agenda of his own.”

Bring the kids, friends, neighbors!

We’d love to see you this Saturday for PCM’s Only251 Family Movie at The Grand for The Boss Baby!

(Source: IMDB)