Being a new parent is hard.
It is especially so if you’re poor or homeless.

You’ve got diapers to buy, formula, infant clothes, binkies, bottles, wipes, brushes, bags… The baby needs list goes on and on. And often, their needs aren’t cheap.

Our new-parent guests and Help Center shoppers have been blessed recently by one very impressive young man.
His name is Ben and he’s an Eagle Scout. He captivated our hearts when he told us he chose to take care of PCM’s tiniest tots with his Eagle Scout project.

Ben spent a year planning his project, where he spent 9 hours holding a donation drive outside of a Lincoln Wal-Mart. He handed out 1200 flyers to shoppers entering the store and encouraged them to throw something in their cart that would help Lincoln’s most in-need.

Lincoln shoppers and donors showed up big time. The generosity was astounding. Thank you, Ben, for caring so much. Your hard work is appreciated!