This is really sad.

Sam’s Club has requested the PCM Toss Boxes be removed from their location.

We’re not sad because Sam’s Club requested to not be included as a donation site; we’re completely OK if they don’t want a Toss Box on their property.

What we’re sad about is that they do want a Toss Box there, but because of the ridiculous amount of inappropriate items being dumped there, they felt like they had to request that.

That’s sad.

We know that our Toss Boxes have been a bit of a hot topic lately.

With items being dumped (couches, chairs, tires), sacks of garbage left, and bags of items which are rifled through, strewn about, and stolen, it’s not hard to understand why.

And because of that, we anticipate the same being requested at more Toss Box sites if the trend doesn’t shift soon.

The majority of our donors are incredibly respectful of our Toss Box sites and the businesses around Lincoln that graciously host us.
We are thankful for you.

The minority of “donors” aren’t donors at at all. They are choosing to be disrespectful by using the Toss Box sites as trash dumps. It is unfair to the businesses that host our Toss Boxes, our guests, Mission staff, and true donors.

Our Toss Box map has been updated accordingly to reflect our active Toss Box sites.

(Toss Boxes are for clothing and textile donations only. Please take all other donations to our Help Center at 68th & P or People’s City Mission at 110 Q Street.)