After the recent wave of Toss Box misuse, larcenies, and vandalisms, we wanted to continue the conversation by answering some of the frequently asked Toss Box questions.

The purpose of the PCM Toss Box program is to make giving as convenient as possible for our entire community.
With strategically placed Toss Boxes, donors are never too far from a drop-off site.


Q: What is accepted at a Toss Box donation site?

A: Great question! Toss Boxes are only for clothing and textiles. What do we mean by “textiles”? Textiles: bedding, curtains, towels, etc. Items made of cloth. Items at our Toss Boxes will be sorted into “usable” and “unusable” categories. Items in the unusable category (due to being soiled, stained, ripped) will be recycled.

Q: Is there any way to put a camera up to get license #’s off the vehicle and have them ticketed for illegal dumping?

A: It is certainly one of the ideas we’ve had, but cameras are expensive and our resources are quite limited. Some businesses have cameras that can do the catching for us. We are putting new signage at all Toss Box locations that emphasizes clothing donations only, any dumping is illegal and will be prosecuted.


Q: What is done with the clothing in your Toss Boxes? Does it go to the people or is it recycled?

A: Both! Clothing sorted into “wearable” and “unwearable” categories. If the clothing is wearable, it is put out on racks for our guests and patrons to shop. If the clothing is soiled, ripped, or stained, we send it off to be recycled. The money made from recycling comes back to fund PCM.

Q: How often are donations picked up from Toss Boxes?

A: To help curb dumping at sites and larcenies, we’ve started a daily route. We pick up donations from every Toss Box every day (minus major holidays).

Q: I often see items that should not have been dumped and consider picking them up, but am not sure if I should.

A: The best thing to do in that situation is to call, email, or send us a Facebook message. Just let us know that there are items outside of a Toss Box that should not have been left there. We’ll take it from there!

Q: Can you change the name? Toss Box can be misconstrued as a place to leave stuff to be tossed.

 A: We have lots of signage on the Boxes and our website stating what they’re to be used for, what’s acceptable, and what’s not. If people leave stuff there to be tossed, it is most likely intentional.

Q: When and where can I donate?

A: Help Center: 8a-5p Monday – Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. We are open 7 days a week (minus major holidays). Please do not drop off donations after hours. Often, your after-hours donations are stolen or rifled through before our doors open the next morning.

PCM: 24/7. Just unload on our back dock! We can also provide a donation receipt for you at either place of drop off.