Conflict of Interest

At the beginning of employment at the People's City Mission, the individual should disclose any interests, memberships, or other relationships that could lead to a conflict of interest. The solution to a conflict of interest will be discussed and hopefully resolved with the employee. However, the Mission will ultimately determine what the options are if agreement cannot be reached.

The People's City Mission reserves the right to give consideration fo all employee requests for financial support of any individual, organization, missionary, or circumstances prior to any employee being asked to support such causes. In the best interests of the People's City Mission, our employees and all those whom we serve, all internal fundraising or solicitation requests must receive prior approval by the Executive Director.

All employees are expected to perform their ministry with excellence. Everyone is expected to exercise good judgment, practice Christian ethical standards, and avoid all actual and potential conflict between the employee's personal interest and the interests of this organization.

A conflict of interest exists when an employee's loyalty to PCM comes into conflict. Some common types of conflicts are:

  • Accepting personal gifts or entertainment from clients, Program members, suppliers or potential suppliers, or anyone who would seek to benefit from such action.
  • Working for a client or supplier.
  • Using propriety or confidential information for personal gain or to the detriment of PCM.
  •  Having a direct or indirect financial interest in or relationship with clients, Program members, or supplier.
  • Using PCM assets or labor for personal gain.
  • Committing PCM to give financial or other support to any outside activity or organization.

Employees who are unsure whether a certain transaction, activity, or relationship constitutes a conflict of interest should discuss it with their immediate supervisor. If the issue cannot be resolve, it should be brought to the Associate or Executive Director.