Your Dollars

Over 95% of our support comes from generous individuals, groups, businesses, and churches in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, as well as business income. Every year, you help people overcome poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Thank you for making a life-changing difference for People's City Mission. We need you.

Your Time

Bringing hope to your community can be as simple as serving meals with a smile and saying "hi." We have volunteer opportunities for just about everyone - individuals, groups, families. Volunteering your time connects you to your neighbors and changes everybody involved.


Your donation provides hope to men and women, mothers and fathers who may be deciding between paying rent or buying groceries, filling the car with gas or paying a medical bill. You can donate at our Help Center or work with us to organize a drive that engages your friends, congregation or colleagues.



Help Center

  • Sorting and organizing donations
  • Cleaning
  • Shelving donations
  • Helping during shopping hours

Meal Server

  • Must be able to stand
  • Help with food preparation and/or serve a meal
  • Shifts available daily

Free Clinic

    • Specialized medical professional volunteers


    • We offer Dental, Chiropractic and Mental Wellness services



OR contact the Volunteer Director at or 402-475-1303, ext. 114

Meals To Go

This program is available for those who cannot attend meal times at the Mission. Lunches can be prepared at volunteers' homes or organizations.

  • Preferred items: 1 sandwich, 1 carbohydrate, 1 piece of fruit, 1 bottle of water or juice, and 1 snack item
  • Home-made donations, such as batches of cookies, are always welcomed


We have many annual events that utilize our amazing volunteers. Here are a few:


Good Life Halfsy

    • Every year, we have 200+ volunteer spots to fill for this event.
    • Plus, every hour a volunteer helps, $10.00 is donated to PCM.
    • Volunteers must be 16 years or older.

Thanksgiving at the Mission

Full Thanksgiving meal, Help Center pre-Thanksgiving food box giveaway

This is our biggest fundraising event of the year, and we can't do it without the help of hundreds of individuals and groups!

Learn more about Starry Nights here.

Christmas at the Mission

Gift wrapping parties, Santa's Workshop gift giveaway


You can help impact lives today!
Team up with your friends, workplace, church or school, and share in the joy of giving to those in need!

Get-Involved Opportunities

Host a Drive

A drive makes a big impact. And it's a great way to build community through the shared joy of giving with your friends, workplace or church. Last year PCM helped nearly 30,000 of our hungry and homeless neighbors - because of donations from people like you!

Host a Fundraising Event

Inspire your group, workplace or church to be creative and give back by hosting your own fundraiser for PCM. We've seen everything from jean days and fun runs to partial sale donations and soup cook-offs.

To start a conversation about how your group can make an impact in the community through a drive or event,
please contact Michele Dakan directly at 402-817-0818 or


We are always looking for people who have a heart to serve the homeless, impoverished, and uninsured -and- who have the skills and life experience to make our team stronger. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you!


Women's Temporary Housing Full-Time and On-Call Supervisors
Positions are one full-time and one on-call (as needed) supervisor for our Women's Temporary Housing which houses families, single women as well as single women and single men with children. Candidates must be able to oversee and support the functions of a 24-hour, 150-bed Women's Temporary Housing and women's transitional housing facility intent on feeding and sheltering the homeless and impoverished. The purpose of this oversight is to promote an environment that leads to opportunities to share the good news about Jesus Christ. Full-Time positions are Day shift 12-hours alternating 3 one week 4 the next week. On-call shifts are for shifts of various hours. On-call position needs to be able to work in either shelter as needed.

Men's Temporary Housing On-Call Supervisors

Position is one on-call (as needed) supervisor for our 101-bed Men's Temporary Housing. Candidates must be able to oversee and support the functions of a 24-hour emergency shelter with intent on feeding and sheltering the homeless and impoverished. The purpose of this oversight is to promote an environment that leads to opportunities to share the good news about Jesus Christ. On-call position needs to be able to work in either shelter as needed.


To apply for a position at People's City Mission, click below to fill out the application.

Alex Snavely:

PH: 402.475.1303


Fundraising for your organization through People's City Mission's Toss Box Program

  • We have several Toss Box locations around town,
    for wearable and textile donations.

    Please call 402-475-1303 to confirm box locations, as they occasionally change. We are always working on updating the map.

  • LINCOLN AREA Toss Box Locations


    • 84th & Holdrege (Hy-Vee)

    • 33rd & Superior (U-Stop)

    • 50th & O Street (Hy-Vee)

    • 70th & Pioneer (U-Stop-spring/summer ONLY)
    • 70th & Van Dorn (HIS Autocare)
    • 56th & Old Cheney (U-Stop)
    • 84th & Hwy 2 (Sam's Club)
    • 70th & A (Clocktower)
    • 84th & Pioneers (St. Marks Church)
    • 73rd and Pine Lake (U-Stop) 

    • 46th & W Huntington (Air Park Fresh & Save)
    • 1st & Superior (Parkview Christian)

    • West A & Coddington (Russ's Market)


    Toss Boxes are a great way to raise funds for your most important projects. With a very minimal investment, you can earn thousands of dollars every year.

    This all works by using volunteers to empty your Toss Box, and then bringing its contents our Help Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Because your labor is free, the only cost is purchasing a Toss Box. Most organizations make $7,000 - $8,000 a year.

    You can earn this by bringing us the contents collected from a Box. We then recycle them and split the proceeds with you 50/50 based on current pricing for recycled goods.

    The greatest part of this program is that every dollar made is either going to support your cause or feed a homeless person.

Toss Boxes are really not that expensive. They come in two sizes, small and large. A small Toss Box costs $800 and a large Box costs $2,800.

You can purchase a Toss Box outright or finance part of it from proceeds being generated by your Box.

For example, you can purchase a large one for $2,800, put $350 down, and then have us deduct $350 a month from monies owed to you over a seven-month period.

We will help you find the best site to place your new Toss Box and deliver it to you. Placing one in a good location is key to it generating strong usage.

Next, you bring what you collect to our Help Center. We will weigh your contents and provide you a receipt for monies owed based on current prices for recycled goods.

In addition, we can help with any repair issues when needed. However, Toss Boxes are generally maintenance-free because of their heavy-duty all-weather construction, and not much can go wrong with them!

Q: What items can we collect in the Toss Boxes?
A: Clothing, shoes, belts, purses and other textiles. This includes items in good shape and those considered "dead textiles" - we have a use for them all!

Q: What happens to these items after they are delivered to the Help Center?
A: They are baled and sold by the pound to be used by micro businesses in developing nations. It's a win-win for so many!

Q: What is the Help Center?
A: It is one of the service areas of People's City Mission, the homeless shelter in Lincoln, NE.