We started our Toss Box program about five years ago to help make donating clothing as convenient as possible.
Because of your donations, we’re able to provide our guests and Lincoln’s most in-need with quality clothing.

It is our goal to give away as many donations as possible to the homeless and impoverished in Lincoln. Every person or family who ‘shops’ (for free) at our Help Center is able to take 25 items of clothing, per family, 2 times per week. That means a family can take 2,600 articles of clothing every year!

Sometimes clothes and textiles come to us in unwearable or unusable condition. And you know what, WE LOVE THAT because if we can’t give it away, we bale and recycle it!

Clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. that are baled for recycling will be sold, with the money earned going right back into helping the needy people in our community. These baled textiles and wearables will eventually be sorted and used in a few different ways:

  • Soiled, damaged & unusable textiles will be shredded for rags, recycled rugs, etc.
  • Textiles in good condition will be sold to second-hand stores, micro-business in developing nations, etc. (So if the clothes you donate are in good condition and aren’t taken by our shoppers, they will end up being distributed as clothing for people around the world!)

Our recycling program also keeps clothes, shoes, and textiles out of our landfill, which is enormously important considering the time it takes for items to biodegrade in landfills:

  • Cotton glove: 3 months
  • Wool: 1 to 5 years
  • Leather shoes: 25 to 40 years
  • Nylon: 30 to 40 years
  • Rubber boot sole: 50 to 80 years

We have 12 Toss Boxes located around Lincoln. We ask that if you’re utilizing the Toss Boxes for donations, please drop off only clothes, shoes, and textiles. Household goods (chairs, TVs, couches, pans, games, etc.) should be donated directly to Help Center (68th & P) or People’s City Mission (110 Q Street).

Have a basket of socks without matches? We’ll take ’em!

Thank you for supporting PCM and Lincoln’s most in-need.