Even good dads can struggle with homelessness.

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to share with you two stories that epitomize the resilience and determination of families facing homelessness in our community. They are stories of hope, perseverance, and the unwavering love of fathers for their families.

Trusting God for his family’s future

For the last two months, a family has been staying at PCM—a father, mother, and their toddler. Their journey is one that reflects the struggles of many families who find themselves without a stable place to call home. The father works tirelessly to provide for his family, taking on odd jobs, doing all he can to find more permanent work. It has been difficult for them to get back on their feet. The family regularly attends Connections, the church on the PCM campus. Despite the challenges they face, he is trusting God for their future.

Overcoming great obstacles

Another father and his daughter came to PCM from a nearby small town. His work hours were cut and he couldn’t make rent, so instead of living in their car, they came to PCM. He had some challenges from his past and present, but once he came to terms with his situation and realized what he needed to do to provide a good life for himself and his daughter, he got to work. His PCM case manager encouraged him to not give up. 

After successfully completing a drug treatment program, he qualified for long term housing assistance. He then found a full-time job that made independent living possible for himself and his daughter. It was an exciting and emotional day for the family when they got the keys to their very own place. They stopped by not long ago and let our staff know that things are going well. He loves his job, they love their apartment, and life is good.

This is where your support can make a difference. 

Your generosity can help families like these, providing them with the resources and support they need to find stable housing, secure employment, and regain their independence.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of families facing homelessness in Lincoln. Thank you for your continued support. With your help, we can create a future where every family has a place to call home.

God bless you richly, and to dads everywhere – Happy Father’s Day!
Pastor Tom


For the 7th year, Pastor Tom is going for 24 hours without food, sleep or shelter, advocating for the homeless. Thursday and Friday, June 13th & 14th, 9am to 9am, PCM staff and friends will be outside of HyVee at 84th and Holdrege. PCM is partnering with Alpha Media, and several local radio personalities will be on site throughout the event – The Eagle 92.9, Kx96.9, KFRX106.3, 104.1 The Blaze and KFOR.

The theme of the event is Hawaiian! Pastor Tom is known for his iconic Hawaiian shirts, and the shaka hand sign is also used to express friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement, and unity – all things PCM hopes to encourage in the community. Everyone is invited to come by and visit with Pastor Tom. Donations of water will be encouraged and accepted on site. Check our Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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