It’s Cold Out and Our Doors Are Always Open 

An elderly man who has been a guest off and on over the years returned last week. We hadn’t seen him in three months. He said he’d been camping somewhere just outside of Lincoln. He suffers from dementia, and was extremely weak and confused. Our staff was immediately able to coordinate with Centerpoint to find him a suitable long term living arrangement for his mental state. He has never been receptive to help finding permanent housing until now, and we are so grateful for the chance to get him connected and helped. This is only one of many stories. 

Being our community’s only homeless shelter, providing dedicated overnight shelter, we are the safety net for the homeless.

As of this writing, on the men’s side we are currently sheltering over 150, with a capacity of 101 beds. Numbers on the women’s side are increased from last year and expected to continue rising. We have only 300 permanent beds in total, so when we hit that number, we have to bring out extra mattresses to accommodate everyone seeking safety from the cold.

What makes all this especially difficult for us is public donations tend to decline some during the first part of the year–right when our population is at its highest. As a result, providing the homeless food and shelter becomes very difficult to do. 

So, I am asking for your support. Any amount you can give will make a real difference to the homeless in our city. The Mission depends almost completely on the generosity and good will of the Lincoln community. Without you, we cannot keep everyone warm and safe. 

Also, please keep our guests in your prayers as they seek out a better future. And pray for us too. More than money, we need God’s direction and blessing. Thank you so much for your kindness and partnership with us. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many hurting people.

God’s rich blessings!

Pastor Tom


During this time of year, we can always use these items, new or gently used, men’s women’s and children’s sizes:

• winter clothing, socks, stocking, caps, outerwear & snow boots

• hand and feet warmers

• twin sized blankets

• cold & flu medicine

Items can be dropped off at the Shelter at 110 Q St. or the Help Center at 6800 P St.

You can also find a list of items on our Amazon Wish List.

Want to hold a winter clothing or supply drive? Contact Michele Dakan at (402) 817-0818, or email

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