PCM Celebrates 115 Years of Service to the Lincoln Community

This year the People’s City Mission (PCM) is excited to be celebrating 115 years of service to the Lincoln community! During this time we have been able to assist over one million individuals struggling with homelessness and poverty. And our doors, well, they have stayed open for more than one million continuous hours to those seeking our help.

Did you know that PCM has a history that is deeply tied to this city? For instance, in 1925 we were the primary force behind starting a Community Chest which soon turned into the United Way. In 1929 PCM mortgaged its debt free building and created work projects to help Lincoln weather the Great Depression. During the 1930’s we started the Police Corp Chaplaincy and what was then called the Urban Indian Center. And that is just some of the things we have done over the years. There is no doubt PCM has made a significant impact in our community.

But what does the future hold for PCM? We believe it means an increasing need for our services. Lincoln’s expanding growth has been wonderful, but it has also grown the number of homeless and impoverished among us. And this has put a tremendous strain on PCM because we are the only homeless shelter in the city (where anyone can come and stay).  And here is the real issue: In the next ten to fifteen years our community is going to need a lot more beds in order to meet the demand for shelter. That is why PCM is looking to build a new and much larger facility over the next three to four years.

But no matter how much we build, the most important solution to changing the direction of homelessness remains compassionate people. People like you and I getting involved in some way, reaching out and lending a helping hand to someone in need. People trying to make a difference. Over the last 115 years PCM has housed and fed most the homeless in the city while being funded almost completely through public donations. That is how the homeless have been taken care of in our city. Not by government funding but through caring and concerned people. And we think that is the way it should be!!

If you would like to get involved in helping us reach the homeless this year, here are some ways you can join in:

  • Support us financially by clicking the DONATE button at pcmlincoln.org
  • Feed one person, one meal, once a month for $2.77 at buyonemeal.org
  • Like & follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends to spread the word about what’s going on at PCM and specific ways you can get involved. @pcmlincoln on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
  • Volunteer! There are so many ways for individuals, families and groups to give of your time. Contact Beneen at ballen@pcmlincoln.org for more information
  • Hold a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram and choose PCM as your non-profit.
  • Hold a drive for needed items: diapers, food, socks, shoes, hygiene supplies, etc. For more ideas and information, contact Michele at morth@pcmlincoln.org
  • Donate your stuff: clothing, shoes, housewares, furniture – these items can be dropped off at our Help Center at 6800 P St. at the donation dock at the back of the building. Donation hours are M-S 8-5, Sunday 12-5. If you have textiles only (clothing, shoes, purses, belts), you can drop them off at any of our toss boxes around town. For a current list of toss boxes: pcmlincoln.org/tossboxes

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