The Rising Costs of Feeding the Homeless

Have you noticed the rising cost of…well, just about everything? I am sure many of us are feeling the effects of inflation. And this includes People’s City Mission. The cost of feeding the homeless is rising and you can help.

One of our main priorities at PCM is serving three home cooked meals every day for those staying with us. These are well balanced meals which are very important to folks struggling with homelessness. A good meal does more than simply fill stomachs. It also gives our guests a sense of dignity and value. 

But I must tell you, the rising cost of food is worrisome.

We have to serve 300 to 400 meals every day to those staying with us. That is a lot of food, and it is getting more expensive to do this. And whether or not we have the resources, we still have an obligation to feed everyone staying with us. The reality is, we need help to keep feeding the homeless. 

We do receive food donations, but they are not nearly enough. Our kitchen staff are creative with what we have, but it only goes so far. Because we house and feed nearly 80% of all of Lincoln’s homeless population, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year purchasing food from large vendors like Pegler Sysco.   

You can make a difference for the homeless.

Would you consider making a financial donation this month to help us feed those seeking shelter this summer? Any donation you can give, big or small, will make a serious difference.. 

Just know how grateful we are for your partnership. It’s how we can do what we do. Did you know that over 97% of our funding comes from the public – from folks like you! Thank you for your kindness.

God’s blessings, 

Pastor Tom 


Donate Food To the Help Center or Our Emergency Housing
We are especially in need of fresh produce and non-perishable cans of vegetables and fruits. 

Assemble Meals To Go
Every day we distribute sack lunches to folks living on the streets or our guests who will be away during meal time. You can assemble these meals to go from home or as a group activity with your organization. Contact Josh at JBurkey@pcmlincoln.org or 402-475-1303, ext. 114

Hold A Drive
You can do this in person or virtually! Contact Michele at MDakan@pcmlincoln.org or 402-817-0818

Serve a Meal Individuals or goups are needed for lunch and dinner. Contact Josh at JBurkey@pcmlincoln.org or 402-475-1303, ext. 114

Give Financially in these ways:

  1. Online here
  2. BuyOneMeal.org (Feed one person at the Mission, once a month for only $2.77)
  3. Our Amazon Wish List, which can be found here

The most important! Please keep our staff, guests and volunteers in your prayers as we continue to serve the homeless and impoverished regardless of circumstances.

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